Mining the audio motherload


Some trans-cultural gems from WFMU’s blog:

RelaxRelaxace  ~  “Relaxace”
(Blog: Magic of Juju)
From the EP: Gamelan Jdou (mp3)

These Czechs Don’t Bounce
Cross Prague with raga and you get the Czech Republic trio of Subcontinental music maestros who gathered in 1979 to form Relaxace. These days Vlastislav Matoušek is a shakuhachi flute master, Jiří Mazánka teaches tantric yoga, and Karel Babuljak is, if you believe what you read on the Internets, the “Don Quixote of Czech music.” (What the hell does that mean, exactly?)

PedroPedro Santos  ~  “Krishnanda”
(Blog: Brazilian Nuggets)
From the album: Dentro Da Selva (mp3)

Prepare Thyself for a Mystery
This completely unclassifiable artifact from obscure Brazilian percussionist Pedro Santos opens with strains of mariachi horns and closes with kitschy, catchy faux-African marimba noodling. The intoxicating totality of Krishnanda‘s myriad bossa/raga/exotica elements makes it surely one of CBS’s most enigmatic releases of 1968.


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