Defend Rohinton Mistry!

Cover of "Such a Long Journey"

Cover of Such a Long Journey

Rohinton Mistry is one of the great novelists of our time, and his book Such A Long Journey is one of the great novels. But even if this were not the case, it would be an outrage that Shiv Sena, the Hindutva fascist movement, has forced the University of Mumbai to drop it from its syllabus, because of alleged “anti Shiv Sena passages”; “derogatory references” to Mumbai’s dabbawalas, the Marathi Manoos and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru; and “extremely obscene and vulgar language in its’ text”.

The University is to be urged, in the strongest possible terms, to reverse this decision immediately, to stand up to political pressure, and defend academic freedom.

There is a petition to sign here, and some relevant links are: Immanuel’s Cant, Adventures of a Canadian, the Hindustan Times, Niranjaner, Sunny Singh, Times of India, Karela Fry.


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