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The activist Left must condemn the murder of the Israeli settler family

By Dimi Reider

Late on Friday night, a Palestinian militant scaled the fence of the settlement of Itamar, south-east of Nablus. He made his way to one of the homes and climbed in through an open window. The first room he encountered was a nursery. He paced in and plunged a knife into a sleeping three-year-old toddler. Still unnoticed, he made his way to an adjacent bedroom, where he found and slayed an 11-year-old boy; then, finally arrived at the master bedroom, where he stabbed and killed the parents along with a four-month-old baby girl.

India-Pakistan: hand of friendship

By Aparna Pande 

This is not the first time an Indian Prime Minister has extended a “hand of friendship” towards Pakistan, nor is it the first time Dr. Manmohan Singh has done so. Prime Minister Nehru repeatedly offered his hand of friendship and so did his successors Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. IK Gujral hoped the Gujral doctrine would help lessen the trust deficit and Vajpayee undertook a bus yatra to reaffirm that India has accepted the creation of Pakistan and wishes Pakistan well. Dr. Manmohan Singh has repeatedly offered his hand of friendship to Pakistan and expressed the desire to reduce the trust deficit between the two countries.

A growing campaign to defend Usama Hasan and free speech

By Sunny Hundal 

A group of people, including Yahya Birt, have set up a group on Facebook to rally people in support of Usama Hasan (background here)…

Music Review: Rupa & the April Fishes, Este Mundo

By Gautam Pemmaraju 

In May 1914 Komagata Maru, a Japanese steam ship carrying 376 Indian migrants, was refused permission to dock at Vancouver in a show of racial exclusionism. On return to Calcutta, a British gunboat met the ship and its passengers, who were considered to be political agitators, and a six-month standoff ensued.