SAREGA-WEB As they did for many sonic movements, restaurants and bars played a pivotal role in the ’70s Indian psychedelic funk scene. Inside the balmy local haunts of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) the hypnotic percussion and fuzz guitars of bands like Atomic Forest and the Black Beats perfected a distinct fusion of Western rock and Indian culture. On any given weeknight, a neighborhood food joint could transform into a packed dance party. In time, these exotic sounds even became fodder for Bollywood films of the era.

This is from an LA Times blog from back in May, about an event presented by Now-Again Records and World Psychedelic Funk Classics, which released the album back in November 2010.

More stuff from the wonderful Now-Again below the fold.

The LA Times on our Kourosh anthology: “The Knew How To Rock In Iran..”

Sundays at Now-Again are usually leisurely affairs: after brewing up some of Intelligentsia’s finest “in-season” coffee, we throw on a record from some complementary place in the world and revel in the glory of it all. This Sunday, of course, was a bit different: our home-city’s biggest daily, the Los Angeles Times, ran a huge story on our Kourosh Back From The Brink anthology on the front page of their “Arts” section. The coffee just had to wait until we’d plumbed the depths of Jessica Hundley’s piece. An excerpt:

” ‘One of my father’s most important goals has been making the connection between Persian and international music through the modernizing the Persian music,” says Kourosh’s son Kaveh, a musician in Vancouver, Canada. “Releasing of ‘Back From the Brink,’ on a non-Iranian label, and appreciating his efforts in music after three decades, is not only important for Kourosh himself, but it is very precious for any artist who is moving forward today. There is no doubt that this gives us all this hope that the sun is not going to stay behind the clouds forever.’ ”

If you didn’t know, all three formats of our anthology –  2CD, 3LP and 4 x 7″ box set  –  are in stock and shipping at Stones Throw’s webstore, and everywhere good music is sold.

Read the full article: “The Knew How To Rock In Iran” by Jessica Hundley (Los Angeles Times, Sunday, 08.21.11).


‘Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga’


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