Bangladesh honours retired Jewish general


Via Point of No Return:

The unlikely hero of the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, resulting in the creation of Bangladesh, is a Jew of Iraqi origin, Lt JFR Jacob. This year, at long last, the Bangladeshi government has decided to honour him. Hindu human rights activist Ranbir Sekhon reports in The Conservative Papers:

Eventually India intervened and defeated the Pakistan forces. The result was the creation of the new state of Bangladesh. But what is less well know is the role played by one of India’s most celebrated military brass.

Lt Gen (Retd) JFR Jacob had taken part in the Independence War of Bangladesh in 1971. Belatedly the Sheikh Hasina government has decided to honour Jacob by requesting him to witness the Independence and National Day programmes to be held at National Parade Square on March 26 in Dhaka, staying here from March 24 to 27.  [READ THE REST/ORIGINAL]


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