Mining the Audio motherlode continued


More from the wonderful WFMU:

SuchatSuchat Thianthng  ~  Waen Wiset
(Blog: Monrakplengthai)

Seeing Double
 I’ve got quite a classic to share this week. Continuing with the theme of racy album art, we’ve got some great late-era work from Mr. Suchat Thianthong! Suchat was born and raised in Ayutthaya Province, and spent time working as a market seller and freelance boxer before joining the legendary Chularat Band. Initially his specialty was slow, sweet love songs in the style of Thun Thongchai, but he lost his trademark high notes after a crippling case of tonsillitis. Not willing to leave the stage, he applied his gritty new voice to comedic effect and proved a bigger hit than ever before. This is a collection of his “post-op” hits, featuring songs about liquor and ganja, along with a good amount of raunchy wordplay, and even a tale about a pair of “magic glasses” (vividly illustrated on the cover). Enjoy!”  (Description by Peter, at Monrakplengthai)

SrinivasU. Srinivas  ~  Mandolin All the Way
(Blog: The Boogieman Will Get Ya!)

Toys in the Carnatic
“U. Srinivas is among South India’s better known musicians. In the West, his name  may be recognized by some open-minded jazz fans thanks to his collaboration with John McLaughlin & Zakir Hussein.  However, there is no hint of jazz or fusion in this recording. This is pure Carnatic Classical Music.  Absolutely Magic!  This music gives me a natural high!” (Description from Boogieman, at The Boogieman Will Get Ya!)

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